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A 501(C)3 nonprofit

​EIN: 81-2378930

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Welcome to A Lotte Opportunity Foundation

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with two unified ideas as our mission. We seek to rescue and retrain unwanted horses, while at the same time providing a chance for underprivileged youth to interact with and ride horses. We believe that anyone should be able to love a horse, regardless of their financial status, and that all horses deserve the chance to be loved by a child.

Founded in 2016, ALOF currently houses over 20 horses. From outgrown pets to retired racehorses, our horses have some interesting stories to tell! There is Phil, the former racehorse who was waiting his whole life to be ridden by little kids, and is in Heaven now that he can do so. Or take Finn, the draft horse that just wants to hang out with his BFF Ole. Regardless, the ALOF horses embody the gentleness and sweetness that everyone loves in a good horse.

The kids who ride with us, however, are a handful! They come from all walks of life, but they leave their problems at the road. Horseback riding is known for improving discipline and coordination, increasing confidence and problem solving abilities, as well as strengthening muscles and creating a positive mindset.

Together, our kids and our horses inspire us daily and prove that when animals and kids come together, good things happen!