Who we are

A Lotte Opportunity Foundation began, as many good things do, in a barn, in 2016. The idea had been around for a while-what if we could somehow provide homes for horses, while getting kids involved? It was not only possible, but became a reality when ALOF was founded.

Our goal is to create a safe place for horses and children alike by providing scholarships for kids to ride and funding horses that need a safe and home.

Before there was ALOF, there was Lotte

Lotte Swauger was born and raised in Denmark, and followed her heart to America. Having grown up riding and working with horses, it was natural for her to become a horse back riding instructor here in the States.  Lotte started her own riding school, where she realized there was a need for a safe place for horses, and a number of kids that wanted to ride, but simply didn't have the financial means to do so. At ALOF, we believe that money shouldn't be the deciding factor in if kids and horses can connect.

A need in the community

A Lotte Opportunity Foundation officially began in 2016, but the idea to give horses a second chance while giving kids the opportunity to ride has been around for much longer.

Before the Foundation was created, Lotte saw the need for a place where horses could go if they flunked out of their first career. Many of our horses are off the track Thoroughbreds-racehorses that only work for a few years before being retired. These horses still have a lot to give, plus a 20-30 year lifespan, so Lotte started retraining them as riding horses. At the same time, Lotte realized that many children cannot afford to ride horses. She saw that there was a need in our community for a place where children could learn to ride, and where horses could live happy and healthy lives.




A 501(C)3 nonprofit

​EIN: 81-2378930

Why racehorses?

Thousands of racehorses are retired each year from racing, after having raced only a few years. Without a home lined up for them, many of these young horses, who are healthy and just waiting for a loving family to take them in, end up being sold to the highest bidder-the slaughter house. At ALOF, we are working hard to spread awareness of the demanding lives that high performance horses are bred into. Meanwhile, we are doing as much as we can to find homes for the ones that we can.