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Wish List

While it always seems like there is something needed at the barn, here is a list of physical items that we desperately need. Not only are we especially appreciative, but these items make great "gifts" for your friends and family, as well!

Know someone who doesn't really need much? We all have that one friend (we won't name names) who says they don't want gifts, but that we feel obligated to buy for. Here is a fun and clever way to honor them, while helping a good cause!

We've made a list, with an estimated cost, but please contact us for more info, and to coordinate!

​We now have an Amazon Wish List! Please see the link provided:

​or search for ALOFoundation's wish list.

Truck Load of Gravel - $1,000

Truck Load of Sand - $1,000

Mucking Forks - $15

or $6 for Replacement Heads

Stall Mats - $45

Water Buckets - $8

Hay Cart/Garden Cart with Removable Sides - $183

Bales of Hay - $15